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Your Questions Answered

I don’t have my MSI card with me, can I still receive treatment?

The Province of Nova Scotia requires a valid MSI Card in order to receive medical care. Please ensure that your card is with you and up-to-date when you arrive for your appointment. Without your card, or if you are a Quebec resident, you can pay the standard medical fee up-front. Quebec residents will be reimbursed by their provincial government.

How much do non-insured services cost?

Please see the list provided by the provincial government of family medicine non-insured services.

For an exhaustive list of services and fees, you can access the entire document below.

Wound Care

You do not need a family doctor, or a referral from a specialist, to be seen for either wound care.

You will need to bring your MSI Card. Additional supplies will be provided at a nominal fee.

Medical Aesthetics

New consults are available on Thursdays and are approximately 1 hour. The fee for a new consultation is $60. That amount will be deferred from the total service fee if you decide to proceed with the treatment plan.

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